The Faded Red and Blue
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David Berkeley
The Faded Red and Blue

The Faded Red and Blue

David Berkeley’s political EP featuring the soaring environmental hymn “This Be Dear to Me” and pro-immigration ballad, “The Faded Red and Blue.”

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The Faded Red and Blue

"Deep inside this great divide, I know God isn't dead. Call it what you will, spirit or soul or love instead. I know broken hearts can mend. And hardened hearts can bend."

This Be Dear to Me

Watch the shimmering new video for "This Be Dear to Me."


The New EP is Available Now
Most major holidays may be over, but it’s never too late to give the gift of music (particularly if you want to influence your friends and relatives across the aisle).

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Debut record releases soon! Touring in Germany and the UK this fall.
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