Blue Moon My Ass

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Like the vast majority of you, assuming I know my readers, which one must assume when one writes, I’ve been pretty taken by this recent full moon. Living out here in the desert–as I do, though many of you don’t, again assuming a certain reader knowledge–without a whole lot of light or noise pollution (apart from that house across the … Read More

Of Squirrels and Men

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One of the brilliant developments we parents undergo is how we learn to identify the sounds our children make, learn to recognize their cries or laughter in a crowd of crying or laughing children, learn to hear only their voice over the radio or record player. It’s a bit like the penguins recognizing their mate in a crowd of ostensibly … Read More

What would Odysseus Do?

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It’s been a summer of returns. We’ve just come back from Corsica. See above. We left Santa Fe a month ago, first for NY, to Sarah’s childhood home. See below.(That’s a horse Jackson made with his grandpa. Oddly, that horse kind of resembles the boy, no?) Then we went back to Tralonca (more on that in a minute). Then back … Read More


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I have a handful of linguistic pet peeves (see this earlier blog or this one). One of them that I’ve yet to mention here is the use of the world “humbled” by actors, or anyone for that matter, accepting a big award. Receiving an award is not, in my humble opinion, an inherently humbling endeavor. It’s the opposite of humbling … Read More

A Family of Musicians

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Probably not the most representative shot from where I’ve been, still telling its own right. I’ve been in Toronto for this thing called the Folk Alliance—four days of music and panels on music in a downtown hotel. We were in a musical bubble. But outside that bubble, it’s all hockey up there, even in the urinals. I’m flying home now. … Read More

100 Skies. Day 101. Hmm.

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The day dawned this morning as it did yesterday. We (and I’m speaking broadly here) rotated around at the same pace and in the same direction. Eventually, our little plot in New Mexico approached an angle with the sun whereby the clouds above went pink and the trees beside went gold. And then up came that great big sun. Of … Read More

Christmas Words

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Last night, Sarah and I went to a tiny listening room in Santa Fe to hear Alan Arkin read poetry accompanied by Bruce Dunlap on guitar. I knew Bruce as a virtuoso on guitar. But I didn’t know much about Alan Arkin’s skills as a poet. Turns out I still don’t know much about his skills, for he actually was … Read More

Heavy Skies

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It’s been a hard few days to keep the chin up. I’m still in a sort of stunned state, unable or unwilling to read or listen to much of the news. It’s too much to stomach. Too much to bear. As you know, I have a 6 year old. He’s in kindergarten. This is him at the beach over Thanksgiving. … Read More

Desert Snow.

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We had our first real snow of the season on Sunday. Five inches by most counts. A foot- and-a-half by Jackson, Noah and my estimate. You choose your source. Noah was awake as it was falling and couldn’t stop looking at it coming down. He now understands that it does come from the sky as opposed to say some big … Read More

Eyes in the Sky (and underwear on the kitchen floor)

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Took Jackson to his first silent film last night. Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus.” I brought him because I thought he’d find it funny, for sure. And did he ever. Eclipsed only, perhaps, by how hard I was laughing. It was a little embarrassing. I had forgotten what a genius Chaplin was. After last night, I put him squarely in the … Read More