140 Goats and a Guitar: The Stories Behind Some Kind of Cure

140 Goats and a Guitar
The Stories behind some kind of Cure

When we returned from Corsica and I set to work recording Some Kind of Cure, I realized that all the songs on the album had founding stories. I guess all my songs have stories that inspired them, but these stories felt more distinct and perhaps more profound. Many of those stories were set on Corsica. An errant mission through snow drifts for wood, an unfortunate encounter with a goat, a death in our village. Some were stories of becoming a new dad. Walking with Jackson in a sling through the pre-dawn hours on July 5th in Brooklyn, thinking about how becoming a dad awakened me, considering what message I’d want to leave my new son with. Some were just random stories. My thoughts on gas tank management and touring in Scotland.

As I performed these songs, I often set them up with these stories. I’d been talking more and more on stage for some time, but rarely did I have set pieces like these. I liked how the songs emerged. I enjoyed setting the scene. And so I decided to try my hand writing a quasi memoir. Goats is divided into thirteen essays or stories, and each is the backstory to each of the songs on Some Kind of Cure.

It’s a look into our young family. It’s a glimpse behind the curtain of the songwriting process. It’s an investigation into the differences between lived experience and art, and between the written word and the sung lyric. On a personal level, it’s a long postcard from one of the more vibrant times in our lives.