100 Skies. The blog. Day 21. Driveways. Pre-Dawn.

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So the sun rises over New Mexico at about 6:30. And through the window of my Delta flight, it looked great. Course, I was on the road well before, at 4:15 to be precise, so that I could make my 6 o’clock flight out of Albuquerque to get to my show this evening outside DC. The sun was definitely not … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 19. Fall.

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Took this laying on some guy’s over-watered lawn here in town. I figure if he’s going to use all that water, he should let me lie on it. That’s what I would have said, too, had he shown up. But he didn’t. Thank god. Really nice looking tree, nonetheless. Was going to write about the fall, about how much I … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 18. Shoes on the wire.

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Seeing shoes on the line with Noah is a real treat. “Look Noah,” I point. He throws his hands up in the air and sings out “What????” He’s legitimately confused. ”Who’s shoes are they, daddy?” ”How did they get up there?” ”Why are the shoes on the wire?” ”How will someone get them down?” He doesn’t actually ask any of … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 17. Wine tasting and a 53-point Turn.

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Sarah and I went to a party in Eldorado with some other professors last night. I pulled the car into the host’s long cactus-lined driveway at sunset. He suggested I spin around and back in, as he figured that once it was dark (and we had some wine in us) it would have been nearly impossible to back out of … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 16. Big Sky and the Jedi.

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It’s important to stay on point. This thing began as a series of sky pictures because the sky out here is big and brilliant. I’ve gotten off topic, looking at birds and lights and enchiladas and such. But here we get back to it, somewhat, at least for the moment. The endless sky. Remarkably, it poured yesterday afternoon and evening. … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 15. Little Horses and Big Enchiladas.

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One man. 2 horses. Mexican food. The guy’s got it all really. Los potrillos means, of course, “the young horses,” which is a great name for anything, particularly a place that serves burritos (little donkeys). It’s a great sign. Trying to lead a couple of horses (to water, say) is a good analogy for so many things, most of which … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 14. Lights on a String.

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Okay. Only a patch of sky here. Fine. But it’s a really blue patch. Took this at dinner last night. We were sitting out in a courtyard, a little too close to other tables for how loud Jackson likes to engage in conversation. I think this pic is a good lesson in the importance of framing. This is one of … Read More

100 Skies Blog. Day 13. Pigeons.

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Obviously, I risked a great deal taking this shot. Even Jackson thought it was a bad idea. And he’s not necessarily known first and foremost for prudence. But I’m trying to prove (to myself primarily) that I’ve got what it takes to do this blog, so I didn’t let a fresh coat of white on the sidewalk turn me back. … Read More

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So we’ve got some procedural matters to resolve first. I’m on day 12 of my #100skies series, but only day 2 of this here blog. Ideally I’d like to be on the same page, and I’m not sure quite how to reconcile. Added to the dilemma is that I’ve been informed that I seem to have inadvertently skipped Day 6 … Read More

100 Skies. The Blog

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#100skies. Day 1.We have arrived in New Mexico. The latest pearl on a string of moves that has led me from New Jersey through Boston, Idaho, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Brooklyn again, Corsica, Atlanta again, California and now Santa Fe. The change from the redwoods and fog of Northern California to the pinks and browns of Northern New Mexico has been a … Read More