Private Shows

Tired of dealing with Ticketmaster, 2 drink minimums, 21+ shows, big guys sitting in front of you, uncomfortable seats, etc.?

All it takes is a few fans with a few friends to bring David to you.

David plays lots of non-traditional shows on Zoom, or in lofts, living rooms, private events, churches and synagogues, museums, Elks’ Lodges, Mason gatherings, etc.
These concerts can be very intimate, often without any sound equipment needed. Pricing varies depending on routing, timing and show details, but many hosts can offset or cover the whole tab by taking donations from their guests.

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Want to hire David to sing for your wedding, anniversary, 40th birthday, a serenade or other special event?

Make your special event that much more special and memorable with a private performance by David (solo or with members of his band). Pricing varies based on routing, timing and show details.

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Want David to write a personalized song for your special someone (lover, newborn, boss?) or get a recording of David singing your favorite song?

This makes a perfect and unforgettable gift. Who wants a star named after them when you can have a song written for you? Send David stories and descriptions about the person, and David will write and record a personal song.
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